Apple Cider Old Fashioned


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Apple Cider Old Fashioned Cocktail

‘Tis the season to drink responsibly. There’s something about the holidays that are deeply nostalgic. It is a time that we follow traditions that were established generations ago. For me the fall is not complete without partaking in a few seasonal staples.

Apple cider is one of those.

I enjoy a glass of warm apple cider on nights to unwind and kick back.

Well, this year, I tasked myself with kicking my apple cider tradition up a notch.

For some reason I drink more brown liquor in the fall. I don’t know why but it seems appropriate to enjoy all of the spiced rums and cognac on cool fall/winter nights.  My favorite dark liquor cocktail is the old fashioned. Its also my husbae’s drink of choice year-round so I have been trying to perfect my recipe.

Well, I think I hit a home run with this combo.

The Apple cider Old fashioned is daring and bold keeping in tradition with the original however sweetened by the notes of the apple cider. If you’re a fan of the original because of the oak taste  from the bourbon, its still there just slightly elevated. This drink is good for men and women to enjoy.

Follow the recipe below to try it out.

Ingredients :

Apple Cider

Orange Bitters

Amaretto Liqueur

Bourbon Whiskey

Mulled Cherries (regular maraschino cherries will also due if you cant find the mulled cherries)

Cinnamon stick

Simple Syrup

Sliced orange for garnish

Ice cubes

Instructions :

In a Tumbler glass place your ice cubes.

Add 2 oz your Bourbon Whiskey of choice

Add 1 oz Amaretto Liqueur

Add 3 oz of Apple Cider

Add 1 tsp Simple Syrup

Add 2-3 dashes of Orange bitters

Stir with cinnamon stick – leave in cup

Drop 2-3 cherries in cup.

Add sliced orange on rim of glass for garnish

If you want to even add more distinction to your new favorite fall cocktail, you can smoke it. The smoked flavor enhances the woody flavors in the bourbon and warms the notes of the drink. My husband smoked ours with Apple-wood flavored chips. I seriously cannot go back to any Old Fashioned that is not smoked. So good.

You can find the details to the smoker I purchased from amazon (it was a Father’s Day gift for my hubby)


Round Ice Cube maker

Make sure to tag me @Mzlovelylolo or #EventfullyYours when you make your Apple Cider Old Fashioned

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