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So many things in this world are worth celebrating. If I could, I would have a party for even the most mundane achievements. Like when my kids finish all of their food off their plate or when I finish the day checking everything off my ‘to do’ list. Usually, I just celebrate with a glass of wine or pat on the back. I imagine having a dinner party or curated event would be overkill but it would be so much more fun.  I love to celebrate the achievements of others also. It brings me joy to see others doing well and getting recognized for all of their hard work and sacrifice. It’s probably why I absolutely love planning all of my work functions. However, the absolute BEST celebration for me is a Baby Shower. Who doesn’t love a baby shower? If you found yourself raising your hand, then you probably also hate puppies, rainbows, and butterflies.  The expectancy of a bouncing bundle of joy is definitely worth a few hours of silly baby-themed games, fawning over miniature-sized clothes shoes and toiletries, and CAKE. I have been so blessed to be able to contribute to two of my best friend’s baby showers throughout the years, they keep giving me reasons to keep throwing them showers. For the planning novice, I’ll share some tips I tend to follow. 

When thinking about throwing an awesome baby shower I consider the following:

  1. Theme – A theme of course is not mandatory; however, I feel things flow better with a consistent string tying everything together. Whether it is a color scheme or well thought out premise, keep it consistent in all aspects from invitations to décor and favors. Some recent ones I have done, Ready to pop, Twinkle, Twinkle Little star, Storybook Love, Welcome Little Man, and Ahoy, it’s a Boy! For some inspiration, one of my fave Mommy blogs has a great list:
  2. Personalization – Find ways to incorporate the parents to be or family into aspects of the party. This will add a personal touch that will be unforgettable. Think of favorite foods, use pictures, favorite seasons or colors, incorporate siblings into the mix so they don’t feel left out. Even consider using the baby’s name or initials.
  3. Good Food – you don’t have to have a smorgasbord; it can be as simple as finger foods or sweets only. Just make sure it’s GOOD.  The food will set the tone for the guests.  Consider the timing and season of the event, always consider the mom’s cravings, since she is the guest of honor, and we know how picky pregnant women are, make sure she can eat too! The day is all about her *wink*
  4.  Engaging Games and activities—Have both participatory games and paper games and alternate between the two. Involve all the guests, make it fun. Think outside of the box when it comes to games. Baby shower games have a reputation for being stuffy and boring so to combat that think of things that will make people laugh, move around, and want to keep playing.  Some popular games I’ve had great responses to were: The Price is Right, Celebrity Baby Name Game, Guess That Poo, and Pass the Peas.  Also, think about activities that will allow guests to leave a lasting memory like “late-night diaper” writing on disposable diapers words of encouragement for 2 am changes or designing onesies or bibs. These are things that will carry over into the hearts of the parents well after the shower is over.
  5. Keep to the schedule—There must be some timing in the party. Things should flow allowing for fellowship and chit chat as well as respect for the guests’ time.  Having a thought out timeline allows for things to run smoothly into each aspect without unwanted pauses in activities or awkward silence.  Be mindful of the time, don’t force it but let it flow with little nudges in the right direction.

I find when designing a great baby shower focusing on those key factors will allow for the memories to be countless and the adoration endless.

If you’re looking for some additional inspiration, head over to my Events with Love, by Lo section and check out my gallery. 

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