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Hey Y’all !

I say this with a mouth full of Brie cheese. My perfect bite to be exact.  A multi grain cracker topped with brie cheese, pepper jelly and a blueberry. Sounds amazing huh? I can confirm, it is indeed.  I have always associated the act of eating cheese and crackers with the perfectly paired wine and an appropriately bougie tude.  As I do find myself feeling like the ultimate adult when I am able to enjoy a beautiful charcuterie… I have found several ways to share my affinity for a great spread . My kids have also grown fond of sliced meats and cheese on a cracker.  What was an appetizer between adults has turned into a weekend lifesaver for this mom. When I’m out with friends or my husband I refer to it as charcuterie. When I’m breaking up fights over the last bit of granola crunch and genoa salami it’s a grazing board.  A board becomes our favorite when the elements of sweet, salty and a little heat come harmoniously together. 

A grazing/charcuterie board can be as elaborate or intricate as you see it. Here are some of my absolute favs to include :

Deli meats like salami, sliced sausages, pepperoni or prosciutto

Sweets treats: anything chocolate (chocolate covered yogurt, peanuts, pretzels, brownie pieces), raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and honey.

Salty: Pickles, Olives, salted nuts, crackers, deli meats.

A lil’ heat: pepper jelly, spicy pickles, cut raw peppers

I envy those who can just take the ingredients and throw together what looks masterful in a matter of minutes. It never quite works out that way for me. I mean I can get it done but its usually at the expense of a lot of effort.  Thankfully I found someone who is a master at these Charcuterie Boards and packages them attractively in a cute little box. Her aptly named Boards & Bites always satisfies. The owner, Kayte expertly pairs the sweet with the savory and the salty with the heat. Each corner of her grazing box compliments each other creating the chance to find your own perfect bite. She is very considerate and kind when compiling your purchase. You are surveyed for your taste preferences and she aptly includes your desires. She too, a hardworking mom designs, packages and meets you for pick up. I came across her creations on Instagram as the pictures enticed me enough to purchase , I can confidently say they do the Grazing boxes no justice. My first purchase was for one. A gift for Father’s Day… I gave my husband a head start, the box was finished in record time. 

You can find sweet Kayte on Instagram @Southernfryedbliss

If you wanted to give it a shot and make your own Charcuterie Graze Board here are some tips :

  1. Portion control is your friend.

The general rule is to serve one to two ounces of meat and cheese per person.  We are talking about pretty rich things and lets face it expensive. The sentiment applies moderation is key.

  1. Incorporate varying flavors of meat.

Mix and match smoky with dry cured, some thinly sliced and some soft like pate

  1. Don’t forget the cheese.

Having a mix of different cheeses hard, soft and crumbled add flavor and depth to the flavor profile of your board.

  1. Yes to the Carbs.

Crackers are great and the usual go to but sliced baguette and bread works as well

  1. Advocate for all taste buds

There should be a good representation of sweet, salty, savory and spicy. A true symphony of taste in your mouth all working together for the potential perfect bite.

Whether you take the time to create your own Charcuterie Grazing Board or Do like me and call on Kayte to do it for you, I hope you enjoy it .

Oh and Don’t Forget the wine 😉

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