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Apple Cider Old Fashioned

Apple Cider Old Fashioned Cocktail ‘Tis the season to drink responsibly. There’s something about the holidays that are deeply nostalgic. It is a time that

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We Be Brunchin’

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning?  Mine is to brunch. Yes, to me Brunch is a verb. I Brunch. If able

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Moscato Lemonade

What is Pink, Smooth and Understatingly sweet ?? This next treat I share with you! Recently I held a baby shower for a bestie at

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Board In the House

Hey Y’all ! I say this with a mouth full of Brie cheese. My perfect bite to be exact.  A multi grain cracker topped with

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Kakez by Katrina

Hey Ya’ll If you’re in the Raleigh area, have an occasion coming up to celebrate and want to make it special, I know exactly what

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