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Zoom Together

Hey Y’all. It’s wonderful to welcome you back in the new year.  As I reflected over the last year of 2020, it was indeed a

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Small Party, Big Impact

We have found ourselves in strange times. It was truly all good just 6 months ago. Now thanks to “Corona virus” in my best Cardi

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Moscato Lemonade

What is Pink, Smooth and Understatingly sweet ?? This next treat I share with you! Recently I held a baby shower for a bestie at

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Baby Shower Bliss

So many things in this world are worth celebrating. If I could, I would have a party for even the most mundane achievements. Like when

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Kakez by Katrina

Hey Ya’ll If you’re in the Raleigh area, have an occasion coming up to celebrate and want to make it special, I know exactly what

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