Fall photo fun


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Hey Y’all,

I’m sure its no surprise to you that Fall is my favorite season . Don’t count me as basic just yet. Its NOT the pumpkin spice latte’s for me. It’s the change of colors on the trees. It’s the crisp air and smell of the tree’s. It’s the bonfires and smore’s. It’s the picking apples and pumpkins. It’s the sweater weather for me !

It also signifies the holidays are closely approaching. One of my favorite things do to every holiday is to send greeting cards. As a transplant Raleigh native, the majority of my family is out of state between Connecticut and Indiana. I do not get home as much as I would like to so sending greeting and holiday cards is my way of letting them know they are on my mind and let them see how our family has grown and changed during this year.  Since the fall is close to years end it’s a great time to take some organized  family photos.

You can step outside on your porch and take amazing family portraits. I have and they are still some of  my favorite pictures we have taken. However, there are some really beautiful places in and around Raleigh that set a great backdrop for some amazing fall photos. 

So, What are some things you will need for a family shoot you ask ?  Well, here is where I start:

A photographer– you’ve got the idea for a shoot next up is time to book your date with a photographer. There are many talented photographers in the area that would love to capture some beautiful moments for your family. The more popular ones would need more notice as their calendars book up quickly. I have seen a lot of offers for mini sessions at a reduced yet fair price.  This is a great way to get in a family shoot quickly. For a mini shoot 20-40 minutes you may have time for a few different poses and possibly one or two areas at a specific location. Some photographers will do a styled mini shoot. This is a great option however you wont have much variation as the props and décor will remain the same. You can still get great pictures and some variation in posing.

When picking a photographer make sure you take a look at their work. Their work should resemble the style of pictures you like, they should reflect great editing and variance of shot designs. Make sure to pay attention to what you get for their time. How many edited photos vs unedited, how long the session will be, any outfit changes,  the cost and if there is any location charge.   Instagram is a great place to look for a photographer as the platform is pictures and videos. You may even get some behind the scene footage that can tell you a bit about their personality. That is also important when picking a photographer. Not everyone is vibrant in front of a camera so having the right person make you feel comfortable and relaxed and allowing you to shine will convey in the pictures they capture. See a list of some of my favorite triangle photographers I follow on Instagram.





An aesthetic –  I may not always have a theme to my shoots but there is a desired look Im going for. I’m not a fan of matching outfits BUT I do keep everyone in the same color family. I may decide on grey and we will all of elements of grey tones on. I tend to stay away from white when doing outdoor photos for risk of overexposure. I base my color and outfit decision on my desired location. That’s why picking an aesthetic is important because it will guide other decisions. Pick looks that would complement your location and fit your desired vibe.

Props – Are props necessary absolutely not. The outdoors are a perfect enough backdrop for amazing photos but the way my extra is set up, I like to carry some things with me that will distinctively add some seasonal elements or allow for different posing options. Some of my favorite things to bring with me for a fall photo shoot are Pumpkins, wooden crates, and fall blanket or blanket scarf to sit on.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite places around Raleigh that are perfect for family photo shoots

Historic Oak View County Park– 4028 Carya Dr, Raleigh NC 27610

This park has a few really got spots to capture. There’s a beautiful white barn that serves as a nice rustic background. There’s a great white picket that runs along the property. There’s also an old colonial farmhouse that has a great porch and front steps. There are several giant old oak trees that shed the most beautiful amber colored leaves. Historic Oak view was fun to walk around as well .the kids enjoyed feeding the goats, learning about Raleigh’s agricultural past and smiling for the camera.

Historic Yates Mill Park4620 Lake Wheeler Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603

Yates mill is another rustic backdrop for beautiful pictures. There is of course close water feature, plenty of trees and the mills. During the peak of the change of seasons the tree line is gorgeous full of reds yellows and orange leaves. The mill has stone and wood features . This is another park that was also nice to walk around and visit while taking pictures.

Fred Fletcher Park – 820 Clay St, Raleigh NC, 27605

This location houses one of Raleigh’s Historic homes, The Borden Building. This meticulously landscaped park has several areas that are picturesque and ready to be captured. There are lots of tall old trees full of character and color. Beautiful flowers and flowering trees are maintained in the front by the Borden Building. This site is used for special events such as weddings, parties, and bridal showers and the gardens are designed to accentuate that. The green grass is maintained throughout the year. There are several trails that circle the park which allow for you to just walk around and find different places that you may love and serve as a great backdrop.

Pullen Park – 520 Ash Ave, Raleigh NC 27606

Pullen Park has to be one of our favorite parks in the city period. We adore the train, carousel, play area and trails throughout. This park has a lot to offer as and is always bustling with people enjoying its amenities. That may be the only downside about shooting at Pullen, having to accommodate for the amount of people walking around. It can be a repetitive stop and start. This could be avoided by shooting early. However, if you are anything like me, this mama can’t commit to anything before 10:30 am especially if having to get all three kids together. So when going to Pullen park to shoot I like to make sure I have lots of time carved out. I also use the play area as an incentive to keep the kids on their best behavior. Pullen has a lot of beautiful little pockets to capture. The gazebo space has water feature behind , the bridge is a favorite as the huge willow tree serves as a frame . There are several green spaces and manicured areas with gorgeous flowers that add so much color.  

If you step outside decide to take family pictures at any of these locations make sure to tag me @MzLovelylolo or #EventfullyYours so I can see the beautiful moments you’ve captured.

Wishing you all the best this Season and beyond !!!!

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