Flower Power


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Everyone deserves a little happy and a little pretty. 

Me, I want a lot of it. Like, In my perfect world I would be surrounded by pretty all the time which would make me very happy. The world gives us so much of both the pretty and the ugly. Your perspective dictates how much of each you see. It’s a choice to find the beauty around you. A choice you have to make every day you wake up and sometimes consistently throughout that day. Some days are harder than ever for me personally.  In the current state of the world with a pandemic, social unrest, isolation, and just a state of change it can get very challenging to adjust the lens to see the good, to see the pretty.

One of my favorite things that sends me into instant joy is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Something about the intricate delicacy of the petals, the bright colors or calming pastels, the geometric composition of the flower design or the intoxicating aroma of my favorites.  I like to keep fresh flowers in all of my open spaces. The goal is weekly but that can get cost a pretty penny. I have tried to find the most affordable way to achieve a biweekly bouquet rotation.

There are some serious benefits to having and giving fresh flowers.  Fresh flowers have been linked to increased happiness (I’m a prime example), reduction of anxiety and depression, and can increase emotional contact with friends and family. Other studies have found that fresh flowers in the workplace can increase problem solving and creativity. Since some of us are schooling and working in the same space we are living placing fresh around the house can really up the good vibes factor.

There are a few faithful places I like to go to ensure I maintain the pretty in my home. I try to keep a vase full of seasonal beauties at all times. I try to get a new batch every other week.  I have tried several ways to introduce flowers to my home. One of those ways includes a floral subscription. I may have a thing for subscription boxes. I love the convenience and the surprise of it all. Seriously it’s like Christmas when the box arrives. This was also one of my most favorite gifts I’ve given. My mother whom I likely inherited this obsession of flowers from, was so genuinely ecstatic every single time. There are several floral subscription boxes. They range in prices from 40 to 100 dollars. You can get blooms as often as weekly. My favorite and the one I have personal experience with is Bouqs. This was easy to navigate and choose which type of flowers I wanted her to receive, how often and which size. I received great communication from there around shipping dates and payment reminders.  Some other floral subscription boxes are Bloosmy Box,  and Urban Stems.

Another place I frequently check to pick up fresh flowers at a value is the grocery store. In particular Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Wegman’s, and Kroger.  There is not one time I walk out of Trader Joes without a bag of flowers.  From their mini bouquets to their blooming orchids, you can find a great assortment of fresh seasonal beautiful flowers.

If you have a Costco membership and have not sent flowers from Costco.com you have not used your membership to its fullest potential. Costco has 50….yes FIFTY long stem roses in assorted colors for 39.99.  It’s a really good deal and great way to show someone they were on your mind.

You don’t need a specific reason to adorn your home in flowers nor to send any to a loved one. In my opinion those are the best kind of flowers, the Just because bouquet. However special occasion flowers are great too. Flowers can mean all kinds of things and just letting someone know they are on your mind can go a long way in building and nurturing healthy relationships.

Here are a few of my favorite flowers and their meanings to consider when creating the perfect thoughtful bouquet.  

  • Peony –  Happy life
  • Red Rose – I love you
  • Pink Rose –  Happiness
  • White Rose – Im worthy of you
  • Yellow Jasmine – Grace and Elegance
  • Dahlia- Good Taste
  • Zinnia- Thoughts of absent friends
  • Calla Lilly- Beauty Yellow Tulip – Sunshine in your smile

With so many things designed to drain our energies I encourage you to surround yourself with the things that inspire Joy. Whether that is fresh flowers like me or something else. Invite happiness into your area. Choose the pretty.

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