Hey Ya'll!

There are so many ways to say something as simple as a ‘Thank You’.  That simple gesture seems to be viewed as antiquated and old fashioned when really it should be a common occurrence. I have a good work friend, just as sweet as can be. A real embodiment of a southern belle. Well, on one instance she bought me the sweetest and most thoughtful gift for Christmas, a Dirty Dancing DVD. I know, it’s a classic and one of my favorite movies. I should have a couple of copies, however shameful, I did not own a copy prior. I was moved that she remembered our witty exchange one day however long ago and purchased it for me. For this, I brought out my stationary.  A millennial who was standing by scoffed at the fact I own stationary and keep an array of Thank you notes at my desk.  To her I must have looked like a grandma sitting there writing with an ink pen the true gratitude I felt for my movie. I was kinda shocked, does no one give handwritten Thank You’s anymore? Well, let me say, if gift giving is not a thing of the past neither is a Thank You gesture. Saying thank you not only conveys your gratitude but it’s a personal gesture that acknowledges another’s thoughtfulness. Living in a new digital day it’s easy to be impersonal.  Fulfilling the bare minimum of social obligations with a key stroke is quick and easy but seemingly disconnected. 

Allow me to share a hidden gem, Target Dollar spot, when seasons change they have a variety of new notecards and stationary there and I have at it. Knowing they will come handy in the future I pick up a couple of them. A girl needs choices, ya know!  Good manners never go out of style. I dare you to be distinctive. A hand written Thank You can set you a part from the pack. Sending a Thank You after an interview can bump you up on a list of potential candidates. Thanking a friend for a gift strengthens the bond and is so much fun to open, the suspense of reading what’s inside should be enough to get you writing! I’ve added a few spots you can obtain some truly chic Thank You’s……. you can thank me later !












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