Hey Ya'll!

What is Pink, Smooth and Understatingly sweet ??

This next treat I share with you. 

Recently I held a baby shower for a bestie at my house. It was a two-fer because the date fell on her 35th birthday.  She Is having a baby girl so I wanted something pink inspired by spring that tasted like cheer in a glass, for all those who could drink (responsibly of course).  I came across a couple of recipes and decided to blend them together. I tend to be partial to champagne cocktails. The fizz of the bubbly with some added flavor always tickles my fancy. So in case you are enticed by the same,  I have provided you with incredibly cute little cocktail I bet you will be raving over if tried.








Strawberry Moscato Lemonade


My “Dee-Tini”


You will need:


1 bottle pink sparkling Moscato


6 cups lemonade


¼ cup strawberry vodka


Fresh or frozen Strawberries sliced


Fresh Lemon slices


Mix all ingredients together in a drink dispenser or large pitcher. To add a cute little touch and just a little more spring I froze mint leaves in ice cubes.


To make the ice cubes place one to two cut mint leaves in an ice cube tray, cover with water then freeze and Voila! Your guest will be so impressed with the extra little touches you made.


I hope you get the opportunity to try what is something your taste buds would thank you for, if only they could talk!!