Kakez by Katrina


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Hey Ya’ll

If you’re in the Raleigh area, have an occasion coming up to celebrate and want to make it special, I know exactly what you need!! It’s a fantastic, beautiful, delicious cake.  Katrina McCoy of Kakez by Katrina provides just that.

Kakez by Katrina

Katrina McKoy started her cake journey over eight years ago. Katrina wears many hats. She is a working mother, owner, director and coach of basketball league for youth in garner and clayton and a loving wife. She is involved in the youth ministry at her church and She is a dedicated mother of a joyful eight-year-old girl. It’s no coincidence she began decorating cakes the same time she was blessed with your darling daughter. She has always been praised for her baking, however the task of making each birthday more special than the one before became an active event. She attempted her to make her little girls cake dreams come true, whatever she wanted she would get. She fell in love with her beginner talent and made the decision to invest in herself and took the classes and steps to work on her craft. The word spread quickly that her cakes were just as beautiful and creative as they were delicious.  Demand grew and such was the birth of Kakez by Katrina.  Ladies and gents I must say, having been a repeat customer, her cakes she is talented at both baking and decorating and AFFORDABLE. She makes a gourmet and specialty treat something that I obtainable.  I tend to be on the elaborate side when it comes to my cake designs and I have never once had her tell me there is anything she could not do.  Have a look-see for yourself and remember the next time you’re in need of a specialty cake for any occasion, Try a Kake by Katrina!! Katrina.mckoy@yahoo.com

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