Mason Jar Flower Vase


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I am the type of girl that changes décor with the seasons. I like to see pretty sparkly things in spring that make me wish I was basking in the sun instead of punching a time clock. One day, One day friends! But if I have to sit in a cubicle for eight straight hours, I would like to look at something nice. My most recent project to usher in the spring was a glittered mason jar vase for flowers both real and fake. Considering my work space faux flowers work best for my setting but feel free to use real ones.  For this project, you will need, A mason jar, the paint color of choice ( I chose a mint green), a paintbrush, glitter, mod podge glue, and painters tape.  Oh and your flowers of choice. I purchased all my things from Michael’s craft store. If you catch a good coupon you can pay almost nothing for projects. Michaels is my go-to resource for crafting. You can even find projects on the website with lists of materials and step by step instructions

Step 1.  Paint

Paint your entire mason jar with your paint. I like to use specific paint for the material I am painting there is pain specific for glass, however regular acrylic pain works just fine once mason jar is painted wait until it dries and paint on a second coat. This will make sire the paint color is even and the glass does not shine through. (if you wanted you could even spray paint the jar, it could be messy and needs multiple coats but works just as well) once all coating of pain is completely dry , you are ready for the next step

Step 2. Taping

Determine which pattern you want on your jar for the glitter to follow. In the picture you can see I did a color blocking aspect. To achieve this look take the tape and wrap it around the mason jar connecting and overlapping just a little from where you started.

Step 3. Mod Podge

With a clean pain brush apply mod podge to the part of the jar that intended to be glittered.  follow your pattern. In this case I applied the mod podge below the bottom of the tape line. Putting a thick even coat. Mod podge applies in white but no worries it dries clear. They also make an adhesive spray however I feel I have more control with the pain than I do with the spray. I imagine the spray would work really well if you had a large surface area to cover.

Step 4. Glitter

Two ways to apply the glitter, sprinkle it on, if you have a more complicated design like stripes or polka dots.  If you followed my style than roll the mason jar in glitter on a plate continue to roll until there Is glitter on your entire space that mod podge was applied. Let sit to dry.  Once dry peel the tape off

Step 5. Mod Podge , Again

Glitter is so pretty yet so messy… to stop the glitter from falling off and shedding everywhere apply a thick coat of Mod Podge over all of the glitter and let dry .

Once dry you have yourself a  cute and trendy (mason jars are in with this growing country chic/rustic movement) flower vase! Enjoy your crafting !!

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