Small Party, Big Impact


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We have found ourselves in strange times. It was truly all good just 6 months ago. Now thanks to “Corona virus” in my best Cardi B voice , Social distancing has now become a part of our daily reality. We must practice this in every facet of our daily lives.  From standing in lines, entering stores with small capacity limitations, and mostly social gatherings. The Event industry among others was not prepared for an impact as great as this global pandemic. We were forced to postpone and cancel celebrations and milestones that have been on calendars for a year or more.  The fatigue of separation has grown.  With  the guidance of proper social distancing small events and celebrations can resume however this varies depending on where you are located.  When planning a small event make sure to check your local municipal/state guidance on number of attendants.  This is surely great news. We can responsibly gather again.  As a person who loves a good party, from planning one to attending, I have to be honest this makes me happy.  There are great proven benefits of gathering to celebrate special occasions whether it’s a gender reveal, graduation, birthday or wedding.  The collective joy contained in one area shared with each other is something that is not easily replaced.  Not to say we haven’t tried during our quarantine time. I don’t know about you but I am Zoomed out. 

Now I realize that Huge elaborate events have become a staple. Having 30 people at a kids birthday party has become a standard. Im no stranger to this. It can be hard to reimagine your perfect event with in the constraints of what seems to be a tiny guest list. Don’t let a shortened guest list deter you from celebrating your love or a person you love. There are serious benefits to doing small events. Let me tell you why this is not the worst thing ever.

Small events are more intimate.

With a smaller guestlist you can select the guests who will be profoundly impacted by witnessing this special occasion. Those people who are ready to celebrate you as much as you want to celebrate. With the max amount of love and good vibes pouring from those who you intently invited you wont be able to deny how the party will still rage on. Meaningful conversations can take place with your guests without having to shuffle around the room. Everyone would have the perfect view of the event.

Small Events can save money.

Cutting back the guest list cuts back on everything else. You need less food, less rental equipment, less favors, less everything. This can allow you to put your new found money in other places. You can move it to other aspects of the event to enhance them,  you can treat yo’ self and buy the gift you really want or  you can just plain old save it.

Small events are socially responsible.

Having a small event really is the meeting of both worlds.  You can have your cake and eat it too. It allows you to have your party and be socially responsible. It will take all of us to get through this together. It’s a compromise that works in everyone’s favor. You limit and minimize the amount of people risking exposure, you support your local businesses and economy and you get to continue to celebrate your milestone.

You don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your event because you have scaled down. In my opinion with a smaller guest list you could still have a big impact. So remember when I talked about saving the extra money from scaling back.. ok so forget that. You may still end up cutting some cost or you may break even with your budgeted amount. Just to get you thinking about some ways to make a huge impact with a small event , here’s what I would do

Add more personalization.

The details are what takes your party to the next level. In those details are opportunities to personalize or brand your event, whether it’s a family monogram, your name, or significant memories personalization makes your party seem curated exactly for you and allows your guests to feel the same. You can brand favors,  photo invitations or thank you cards, gift baskets or swag bags.

Upgrade your décor.

With less guests you have the opportunity to splurge on certain pieces that can totally change the look of your event. Get that specialized seating, with less tables spend more on the tablescapes, go ahead do a floral backdrop sis you saved on your headcount. Choose the fancy linens, upgrade your dinnerware and set up that lounge seating area.

Top shelf only

Since you can reduce the amount of bottles of wine and liquor go ahead and be picky. TOP SHELF ONLY. Get fewer of your favorite bottles of wine to share.

Add activities or attractions

If you haven’t reached your budget yet consider adding experiences to the event some of my favorite include having a cigar bar setup,  switch out the DJ for a live band that’s an interactive experience that always gets the crowd going (if you get a good one), a bounce house for kids parties are a staple but try getting a snow cone cart, food truck or character to pop by.  These are experiences that add to the memories everyone will walk away with.

Lastly, Splurge on food

The biggest party factor critiqued by your guests the most is the food. You can totally use this opportunity to show out with your catered or cooked food menu. Add and extra course, use a special ingredient that you may have once ruled out . If you are planning an event in the evening think about adding a late snack menu- this is a hit at evening weddings after all the dancing and cake is served you might have worked up an appetite and need a snack why not have a chef prepare made to order grilled cheese sandwiches.

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