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What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning?  Mine is to brunch. Yes, to me Brunch is a verb. I Brunch. If able I would Brunch every day of the week.  However, my favorite brunch is a Sunday Brunch. A good Sunday Brunch is like the exclamation point after a good weekend. Even if you did absolutely nothing the whole weekend and went to Sunday Brunch it would give you all the perspective you need to start a whole week, new and fresh and on the right foot.  At brunch its acceptable to mix breakfast with lunch. “Sure I’ll take my fried chicken with a side of waffles “and that’s perfectly okay. “Yes, I would like my champagne mixed with orange juice, how did you know?” “Eggs on a burger? Ah-mazing” Brunch is almost mandatory to have your besties with you. You cannot brunch alone. Brunching is about fellowship, catching up, sharing stories. Even if it’s just you and your mate, at brunch conversation just flows better.  If you don’t brunch, ya need to!

I recently caught up with a great friend of mine over what was one of the most enjoyable brunches I have had in a while.  Although, to brunch, is not a new concept it seems to have gained some momentum these days and everyone is trying to brunch. When I say everyone, I mean a majority of restaurants are now offering brunch options.  It’s been difficult to find a good Brunch spot with great pairings that don’t seem too pretentious with off the wall fusion ingredients like Lamb sausage omelets, Truffle corn bread muffin and Tartare croissants where they charge 20-30 dollars a person.  That’s great if you’re into that sort of thing but me… give me a shrimp and a grit with a scratch made biscuit and I’ll be happy.

Back to this amazing brunch. It was at a spot in Durham, NC called True Flavors.  The space was super cute and quaint. It had a Diner feel to it, only about 10 table -tops. You could see the Chefs preparing your meal. They used fresh ingredients and the incorporation of the seasonal items were great additions. We had Strawberry-Mandarin Lemonade and scratch biscuits with watermelon jam…WATERMELON JAM. How you Jam a watermelon, I don’t know but it was delicious. The wait was a little longer than desired but well worth it. Prices were affordable. The Food was beautifully plated and tasted as good as it looked. The portions were not over the top so the guilt was minimized.  If you’re ever in that area, you have got to try them out. They open early and close early.  Brunch is only served on the weekend, and they get super busy so plan accordingly.


If you have not brunched before, Hop to it. If not at True Flavors, then somewhere. Grab some friends and experience a good Sunday brunch. If you have a favorite spot I should check out, from one bruncher to another, Drop me a line.

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